Illuminated control panel gem

Light warnings with led light guides

Modular control panel with modules (optional):

  • LAN (ETH module)
  • GSM (GSM module)
  • WIFI (WIFI module)

Battery holder 12V / 7Ah

The enclosure can be configured to house 1 wireless expansion board (item F540) and 1 I/O expansion board (item F520, F528)

Managing 164 wired (triple balancing) and + 48 wireless zones

82 total wired zones (164 in triple balancing) of which:

  • 8 zones in the control panel
  • 2 zones in each of the 9 connectable keypads
  • 56 zones distributed on I/O F520 (4 inputs) or F528 (8 inputs) expanders
  • 48 dual band wireless zones with connections to BUS485 of RF expander

Combined DB series wireless devices:

  • keyfobs DB722-CL, DB755-CL
  • sensors DB710, DB711, DB708, DB712, DB713, DB740, DB750, DB103, DB705
  • sirens EGO DB-CL, EGO MO-CL
  • signallers DB718-CL

Managing 2 BUS 485 for connection of keypads, I/O expanders, wireless expanders, readers, BUS sirens, BUS power supplies

Management of 17 freely programmable relay outputs distributed as follows:

  • 3 relay outputs in the control panel
  • 14 relay outputs distributed on I/O F520 (1 relay output) or F528 (2 relay outputs) expanders

Management of 18 freely programmable open collector outputs is distributed as follows:

  • 4 O.C. outputs present in the control panel
  • 14 O.C. outputs distributed on I/O F520 (1 O.C. output) or F528 (2 O.C. outputs) expanders

Mini USB port for PC connection and management and configuration via the SELECTconfigurator software

Integrated speech synthesis with an audio output for keypads and the GSM module

Data and voice messaging storage on EEPROM and SDCARD

Management of 2000 events

Management of 8 programs

Management of 8 areas

Management of 48 schedules

Management of 9 keypads

Management of 9 scenarios

Management of 9 inserters

Management of I/O F520/F528 expanders

Management of 4 BUS sirens

Management of 2 BUS power supplies

Management of 3 RF expanders

Management of 16 keyfobs

Management of 8 RF sirens

Management of 32 keys

2.5 A switching of power supply

Programming of functions via keypad, USB port, LAN module

Digital IP contact ID communicator (depending on GSM / LAN / WIFI module availability)

Telephone voice guidance and DTMF tones management (depending on GSM module availability)

Credit management and SIM expiry with Tim, Wind and Vodafone Sim cards (depending on GSM module availability)

Management via APP Select_SMS (depending on GSM module availability)

Management via App Select_Home and Cloud Select (depending on LAN / WIFI module availability

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