Backlit 64 x 128 graphic display for the entire plant management

Wireless operation frequency 433.92 MHz ASK/868 MHz FSK

Management of 64 independent wireless zones and 8 wired zones (with triple balancing)

2 partitioning levels

8 customizable access codes

Up to 16 keyfobs

Onboard keypad for switching the system on and off (8 codes)

Functions programming through keypad or USB serial port

2 programmable open collector outputs

Alarm relay (COM, NC, NO contacts)

Activated plant relay (COM, NO contacts)

Wireless and wired sirens management

Embedded piezoelectronic siren

Anti-aggression function

Coercion function

Supervision of all peripherals

Open door/window sign

Frequency bandwidth anti-blackout protection

Non-volatile memory 100 anomalies and 200 events with date and time

Built-in power supplier with outputs for wired peripherals power supply

GSM telephone dialler

Wireless controlled relay (COM, NO contacts)

Remote management of the control panel status via telephone with speech synthesis messages and/or via SMS

Management of 16 programmable telephone numbers with event and call type association (voice or SMS)

Customisation of voice messages and all SMS

Sensor SMS signalling with an alarm

Local and remote residual credit management via SMS

SIM card expiration local and remote management

Query management of memory events and anomalies via SMS

Remote assistance through Select configurator software via GPRS call from the rechargeable SIM of all GSM operators (WIND, TIM, Vodafone, etc. )

Dimensions: 295x195x75 mm

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  • Available colours

    •   white S4001N
    •   silver S4001Ngr

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