The new F610 graphic display and capacitive touch keypad allows you to control all BUS 485 Select panels. The exclusive design makes them easy to use and beautiful, while the interface allows you to perform all theconfiguration.
A proximity sensor activate keypad and display approaching the panel.
The BUS485 connects up to 4 inputs in triple balancing.
Power and elegance in reduced dimensions.

Technical data

  • Capacitive touch keypad with proximity sensor
  • 4 signaling LED
  • Loudspeaker for voice messaging
  • Anti-opening and anti-removal tamper
  • Connectable to the 485 BUS of all Select panels
  • 2 programmable input zones (4 in triple balance)

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Wired keypad with graphic display on Bus 485

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  • Technology

  • Available colours

    •   white
    •   black

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