Two-way keyfob equipped with 1.77” TOUCH SCREEN colour display,
which can be combined with Select DUAL BAND and UNICA series control panels,
with rechargeable lithium-polymer battery via micro USB socket (charge duration above 1 month).
Intuitive graphics through a simple and direct icon language.
Immediate response to the main functions of the alarm system.

Technical data

  • Power supply: rechargeable 3.7V 180 mAh lithium-polymer battery item SBT14 (included)
  • Display: 1.75” TFT touch screen colour display – 128×160 pixels
  • Radio frequency used in reception: 868.30 MHz FSK
  • Radio frequency used in transmission: 868.89 MHz FSK
  • Consumption with keyfob on: 28 mA
  • Consumption in transmission : 48 mA
  • Turn on time: 4 seconds
  • Dimensions: 37x65x11.5 mm
  • Weight: 30 gr.

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