Passive infrared barrier for outdoor use, 24 metres (12 metres per side);
each side has 2 detection areas in AND logic for greater alarm security;
resistance to intense light disturbance through dual conductive shielding;
detection sensitivity adjustment

Technical data

  • Power supply: lithium battery 7.2 V – 2.4 Ah item SBT02 (included)
  • Fastening height: 0.8 – 1.2 m
  • Double band radio frequency: 433-868 MHz FSK
  • Consumption in stand-by: 35 μA
  • Consumption in transmission : 70 mA
  • Inhibition between 2 detections: 5 sec / 2 min
  • Anti-opening tamper
  • Dimensions: 233x55x131 mm

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