DB CLOUD is our new hybrid system where functionality and aesthetic research come together in a device with superior performance. The capacitive keypad lights up automatically thanks to a proximity sensor
and allows, together with the display and the 4 LED, a simple and pleasant interaction

Main Features

Hybrid panel – Wired & Wireless:

  • 64 zones, dual band radio, quad-frequency, 16 keyfobs and sirens supported
  • 4 zones on board (8 in triple balance) Wired and expandable to 36 (72 in triple balance)

Graphic display with touch keypad


  • 4 open collectors expandable to 11
  • 7 relays, using expansions on RS485 Bus
  • Management of one RS485 BUS for keypads, I / O expanders, radio expanders, inserters, bus sirens, bus power suppliers and GSM bus module connection

Integrated voice synthesis for local speaker message or via GSM module, remotely manageable

OC electronic outputs and programmable relays availability

Immediate data transfer and settings thanks to storage on SD Card and EEPROM

Diagnostic system for checking the optimal parameters, including the GSM signal, of each individual part of the panel

Integrated field meter for interference detection


In local:

  • via keypad
  • via serial port connection with mini USB and SW Select Configurator
  • storage of integral programming data on EPROM and SDCARD removable in case of need


  • via GSM, IP Ethernet module, WIFI module and SW Select Configurator


Select SMS (requires GSM module)

Select Home (requires IP or GSM module on Cloud mode)

Select Pro (requires IP or GSM module on Cloud mode)

SW Performance

  • 2000 events
  • 8 areas with 8 programs per area
  • 48 schedules
  • 2 keyboards
  • 9 scenarios

Additional connectivity modules

  • GSM 4G LTE
  • IP Ethernet
  • IP WiFi

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